Jobs That Pay Weekly Usually Demands Entry-level Requirements So Anybody Can Apply

10 Jobs That Pay Weekly

There are many reasons to want jobs that pay weekly; regardless of which, there are many online and offline weekly-pay jobs out there.

From manufacturing and transportation jobs, to online data entry and virtual assistant jobs, this post will walk you through the benefits, downsides and helpful tips on how to scout, apply for, and get hired for jobs that pay weekly. 

Why You Need Jobs That Pay Weekly

Most jobs pay bi-weekly or monthly. The two modes of wage payment are more like standard practice. An employer may choose monthly payment due to administrative convenience.

An employee may prefer it since it allows for better budgeting and can help them build financial predictability. Yet, there are many reasons why you might need a job that pays you each weekly, here are some:

Entry-level Opportunities: Jobs that pay weekly are usually low to mid-end jobs; they require entry-level qualifications plus little or no experience to get started in. This means that they’re a way to get started in a new field, because they help you build valuable experience and training that can help you land salaried positions down the line if you want that.

Flexibility: Weekly-pay jobs offer more flexibility compared to salaried jobs. When you take on jobs that pay weekly, you can choose your working days, and you can even choose to work part-time. If you’re a student who needs a job to support your education, the flexibility that weekly-pay jobs provides is what you need to maintain work-life balance. This equally true if you’re a parent, or someone with other commitments,

Overtime Pay: Salaried jobs require employees to work 40 hours/week, and you don’t get compensated for working overtime. But with weekly pay jobs, you can work longer hours and days and get paid for them. This way, you get a significant boost to your income, especially if you can work extra hours and days on a regular basis.


Some hourly jobs offer the opportunity for tips, which can be a great way to increase what you earn.

Offline Jobs That Pay Weekly

Offline jobs that pay weekly.
Jobs that pay weekly usually require little qualifications and are flexible.

Jobs that pay weekly can be online or offline. There are many reasons why you may want to work offline. But regardless of which, here are five offline jobs that pay weekly for you to consider:


Delivery drivers are often paid weekly, and the boom in delivery services means that there are ample opportunities in this sector. And you don’t have to worry about a collage degree or a high school diploma for getting started. You only need a car and valid drivers’ license to apply for roles.

Here are platforms that hire delivery drivers and pay them per week:

DoorDash: Drivers for DoorDash are their own bosses. Working as independent contractors, their job is to pick up products or food items from stores or restaurants and deliver them to customers’ houses.

Amazon Flex: Signing up as a driver for Amazon Flex comes with a lot of flexibility. Upon signup, you can set up your own schedule and map out delivery routes. How hard and how much money you can make depends on you. Once you’ve made a delivery, you can scan the package and send proof of delivery using the app.

Uber Eats: Just like the others in the list, Uber Eats recruit independent drivers for delivery services, but for foods; and how much you make every week depends on the volume of your deliveries, which is significantly impacted by how long you choose to work.

Personal Care

As a personal care, you can either work as a home health aid, personal care assistant, or a personal shopper. Each will require different skillsets. If you tend to be empathetic and caring to people, then health aid and personal care assistant might be right for you. As a personal shopper, you can use TaskRabbit or Instacart to find jobs you can do for people, including shopping, delivering groceries, and putting furniture together.


Working in manufacturing is a way to get in on jobs that pay weekly. There are jobs in manufacturing plants that require high skilled labor, but many others that do not. With minimum certification, you can apply as an assembly line worker, a machine operator, or a warehouse worker in a manufacturing plant. You can also work as janitor, or packer and shipper. The jobs have minimal entry barriers and workers are usually paid weekly.


Retail jobs are notable for their flexible work hours. If you’re comfortable with selling, handling cash, or stocking, then you can consider applying for a retail job. You can work as an attendant, selling goods and even services to customers in store outlets and also answering customer questions, keeping the store clean, and providing customer service. You can equally work as a cashier or a stocker.

Food Services

As a food service worker, your duties can include preparing and serving food to customers. And you work in a variety of settings like in schools, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, or hotels. Requirements include the ability to adhere to food safety guidelines, work quickly and efficiently, especially for longer hours and during busy times, and the ability to perform under pressure. A benefit of filling food service roles is that you get to develop people skills, which can prove useful in a variety of other jobs.

Tips For Finding Offline Jobs That Pay Weekly

These tips will help you when searching for any of these jobs:

  • Network with people that may know of job openings. This can include letting your online and offline pals know that you’re looking for a job and the type you’re interested in.
  • Sign up for email alerts from job boards so you can be notified when there is an new job opening.
  • Check the websites of your favorite companies to see if they have openings for jobs that pay weekly.
  • Always be prepared for interviews so you wouldn’t be taken by surprises.

Online Jobs That Pay weekly

People often ask: how can I work from home and get paid weekly? The answer is online jobs. With a PC/smartphone, plus an internet connection, there are many jobs you can do online to get paid weekly: here is five:

Virtual Assistant

You will work remotely as a virtual assistant, providing support to individuals or business organizations. A virtual assistant can be tasked with managing emails, scheduling appointments, handling customer enquiries, bookkeeping, and more. And since businesses are increasingly relying on remote work arrangements, making use of virtual assistant roles has become key in supporting and helping their operations thrive in a digital age.

You need strong organizational skills, good communication abilities, and proficiency in using certain tools to become a virtual assistant. These include, scheduling, time tracking, video conferencing, calendars, and bookkeeping software and tools. 

Online Tutor

Your job as an online tutor will be to teach students over the internet. The need for online tutors has seen a spike following the popularity of online education and remote learning platforms. If you’re versed in specific subjects, you can use digital tools and video conferencing technology to teach and also help students with their studies.

You can specialize in different subjects and academic levels. With a strong subject knowledge and an effective teaching skill, you increase your chances of success as an online tutor.

Data Entry

Businesses and other forms of organizations need to accurately maintain and organize their records and data, and this makes data entry jobs critical. Your job as a data entry worker will include the input and management of various types of information into computer systems or databases. Inventory records, customer information, and financial transactions are some of the data you will be working with.

To excel in this role, you must have a strong typing skill, attention to details, and proficiency in using data entry software and other relevant data entry applications. 

Freelance Gigs

These are short-term, project-based work that independent skilled professionals, known as freelancers or gig workers, undertake for clients. There are diverse services you can offer as a gig worker, including graphics design, web development, writing, digital marketing, and more.

Freelancing comes with many perks, like flexibility, autonomy (you’re in charge of what you work on and your schedule), access to diverse clientele (since it’s online and there are no limits to who you can work with), and income variation. You can register on online platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to get started, since these platforms now made it easier for freelancers to secure gigs by connecting them with clients worldwide.

Social Media Manager

Social media is such a big deal these days. Companies need them to reach their customers, to engage with, and to maintain a relationship with them. Companies end up outsourcing the management of their social media presence to professionals for effectiveness. Your job as a social media manager will include planning, implementing, and overseeing an organization’s social media strategy and online presence.

You need a strong communication skill, creativity, and a deep understanding of an organization’s target audience to succeed as a social media manager. You also need to be proficient in using social media management and analytics tools to measure and optimize their efforts.

Tips For Finding Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

These tips will help you when searching for any of these jobs:

  • Update your resume and online profiles, and make sure that they’re tailored to the type of online job you’re interested in.
  • Use job boards and company websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. 
  • Network with people. This will help you find out about job openings and learn about different companies.

Downsides Of Jobs That Pay Weekly

No good thing comes without drawbacks, and the same is true of jobs that pay weekly. Just as you need to know of the benefits, you also need to know of the downsides so you can make better decision. Here are the downsides of weekly-pay jobs:

Less Financial Security: Weekly pay jobs make it difficult to budget and save money, especially if you have unexpected expenses. The inability to budget and save makes you less financially secure.

More Temptation To Overspend: You may be more tempted to spend your money on unnecessary things.

Less Access To Benefits: Some companies offer benefits to salaried employees, such as health insurance, and paid time off. These benefits are usually not accessible on jobs that pay weekly.

There are many jobs that pay weekly that you can apply for. You can identify your skill and then seek out both offline and online jobs that matches them.

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