How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Nondurables?

Maybe you want to know how many jobs are available in consumer nondurables because you are considering a career path in the industry. You are in the right place if that is the case.

This article will answer your question and also go further to provide you with valuable information on the jobs available in this industry. After this article, you will be armed with valuable information that will help your decision-making on where to go into in the industry.

What Do We Mean By Consumer Nondurables?

Consumer nondurables are goods that last for a short while; they require frequent replacement.

This type of goods fall under consumer goods, which are goods that are used by consumers —as against those used by manufacturers and other businesses.

Consumer goods are either durable or nondurable. Durable consumer goods are those that don’t easily wear out, like your car, while nondurable goods are those that wear out a lot quickly, like groceries, gasoline, clothing, and skincare products.

The consumer nondurable industry is the industry that produces these consumer nondurable goods.

A woman selecting packed food from a supermarket shelf.
Consumer nondurables are consumer goods that wear out quickly.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Nondurables?

It is understandable to expect a high demand of consumer nondurable goods since the industry deals on goods that are easily replaced.

Any industry that deals on products that are in high demand will definitely have many players, and therefore offer many jobs. This is the case with the consumer nondurable industry.

This industry comprises of many giant enterprises. The available jobs in the industry as a whole is placed at 5.9 million. For specifics, here are the available jobs in specific occupations within the industry, according to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics:

  • Freight and laborers, material movers and stock: 162,410
  • Manufacturing and wholesale sales representatives: 252,870
  • Manufacturing and wholesales technical and scientific sales representatives: 49,670
  • Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks: 49,430
  • Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer: 168,490
A bar chart of the available jobs in different sectors of the consumer nondurable industry.
A histogram of the available jobs in different sectors of the consumer nondurable industry.

18 Jobs In The Consumer Nondurable Industry

Now that we know the answer to the question of how many jobs are available in consumer nondurables, let’s now have a look as the job descriptions of different job specializations available within the industry.

Production Associate

A Production Associate works in a manufacturing setting; they assist in the manufacturing process, including ensuring that enough materials are available for production and packaging finished products.

Other of their tasks includes ensuring that products meet quality standard and schedule goals, they also perform start-up and short-down operations on production equipment. 

Average salary: $40,060 per year.

Industry Production Manager

It is the duty of an Industry Production Manager to oversee and manage the production processes in an industry. They work closely with all department to make sure that efficiency is achieved, they do this by engaging in production planning and scheduling, resource management, quality control and assurance, staff management and improvement, and budget and cost control, among many others.

Average salary: $79,317 per year.

Quality Control Inspector

Products have to meet certain quality standard before they are fit to be sold in markets. Moreover, quality is one of the factors that differentiate one product from another. It is the duty of a Quality Control Inspector to make sure that a company’s product meet quality standards.

They do this by overseeing incoming production materials, and the production and packaging processes. They carry out inspection, measuring, or testing materials or products being produced.

Average salary: $75,813 per year.

Design Engineer

It is the job of a design engineer to develop products and processes that makes their company more efficient. They use computer software to build prototypes, test them, and to make improvements in their designs.

Average Salary: $88,053 per year.

Production Line Operator

Production Line Operators assemble goods in industrial facilities. These are low-level production workers whose duties include running large machines and keeping an eye on output.

They maintain the equipment, keep their workspace tidy, and make sure they follow safety procedures when carrying out their duties.

Average salary: $41,702 per year.

Food Scientist

The job of a Food Scientist is in agricultural and laboratory facilities; it is their job to handle the production, preservation, and storage of edible goods.

They also evaluate food sustainability, optimize food production techniques, and forecast yield. Additionally, Food Scientists also create quality assurance procedures and give accurate nutrition information for product labels.

Average salary: $63,966 per year.


A Chemist, also called a Chemical Scientist, works in a laboratory and performs experiments on different chemical substances in an effort to develop new products or enhance existing ones.

Among their responsibilities include analyzing the chemical compositions of various materials, conducting quality control tests on ongoing research, and writing technical reports and papers on the parameters and results of trials, goods, and procedures.

Average salary: $79,949 per year.

Product Development Specialist

The primary responsibility of a Product Development Specialist is to create strategies, products, and business plans for future products within a company. 

They keep an eye on market trends in order to create strategies that will boost sales, set deadlines, and guarantee that the teams working on product development meet their deadlines.

Average salary: $82,654 per year.

Product Developer

Product Developers are responsible for the ideation and execution of new products and services for a company. They can be found in practically any industry.

These experts strive to raise consumer knowledge of products and services and brand exposure, which in turn raises sales and profits for the business.

Average salary: $91,000 per year.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers are experts who develop concepts for fresh, in-vogue looks, construct physical prototypes of these designs, and get the finished goods ready for retail sales.

Fashion Designers typically have a niche area of expertise and follow industry trends. A fashion designer may decide to make apparel, accessories, or shoes after completing their preferred program.

Average salary: $62,452 per year.

Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager is in charge of marketing and advertising in a company. They develop ways to improve the brand’s visibility and repute while staying under a predetermined budget. They not only come up with original ideas but also examine and approve all print and digital advertising materials.

They could collaborate with an internal marketing team or a third-party advertising agency to develop and adapt marketing campaigns for various marketing channels.

Average salary: $74,087 per year.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers work for companies and marketing firms to preserve and enhance the brand image of their company or clients. They collaborate closely with the departments of marketing, advertising, and sales to give their brand direction.

Their role involves utilising their knowledge of marketing and the industry to establish campaign budgets, plan product promotions, and promote brand consistency in all marketing efforts. If necessary, they can also produce logos, packaging designs, and material in the form of blog entries and social media postings.

Average salary: $83,703 per year.

Sales Manager

A Sales Managers assist businesses in many industries to achieve their revenue targets. They collaborate with other department heads such as the finance manager, customer service manager, or marketing manager in order to create a department budget, promote sales through marketing campaigns, and handle customer complaints,.

Meeting with sales representatives to discuss monthly targets, showcase new items for sale, and practise sales pitches are also parts of their responsibility. They might also be expected to show up to in-person customer meetings to talk about new product launches or contract renewals.

Average salary: $85,180 per year.

Sales Representative

The job of a Sales Representative, or Salesperson, is to interact with customers and make sales for their employer by utilising their understanding of the company’s goods and services.

Some of their other responsibilities include creating sales pitches to market goods or services, following up with potential clients or cold calling sales leads. They also have to keep track of their sales paperwork, such as client contracts or bills.

Average salary: $75,026 per year.

Inventory Control Specialist 

An Inventory Control Specialist, sometimes called an Inventory Specialist, is in charge of placing orders, keeping inventory, receiving it, and distributing it for a company.

Other primary duties of an Inventory Control Specialist include controlling the flow of supplies and equipment, monitoring and evaluating inventory upkeep, and creating procedures for loss mitigation.

Average salary: $45,007 per year.

Supply Chain Manager

A Supply Chain Manager is in charge of making sure a company can procure raw materials, produce goods, hold inventories, and send goods to retailers or end users in an efficient manner.

Supply Chain Managers must analyze logistics data, negotiate commercial deals, and interact with distributors and suppliers in order to improve the supply chain.

Average salary: $86,712 per year.

Logistics Coordinator

It is the duty of a Logistics Coordinator to prepare, route, and manage an organization’s purchase orders.

Their primary responsibilities also include monitoring shipment costs and productivity procedures, working with transportation systems to assure timely shipment pick-ups, and inspecting shipment items prior to distributions.

Average salary: $43,785 per year.

Warehouse Manager

A Warehouse Manager keeps an eye on things to make sure that everything is handled on time in a warehouse or storage facility, this includes the arrival and departure of products.

They are responsible for creating timetables for Warehouse Associates, teaching new hires how to use equipment, and keeping an eye on safety regulations.

Average salary: $65,102 per year.

Bottom Line

The question of how many jobs are available in consumer nondurable is valid, and the answer is a lot, as we have seen. The industry is comprised of many sectors, and we have gone through a handful and their average salary ranges so you can make better decision if you’re considering a career in the consumer nondurable industry.

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